Stop negative self-talk

February 21, 2022|

Let's practice being kinder to ourselves. Last week, society celebrated Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17! A person's actions, inactions, moods, and thoughts have a snowball effect. I believe catching someone's good mood is better than catching someone's bad mood. So, how can you [...]

Thanksgiving is a week away!

November 18, 2021|

What is it about the holidays that makes people feel all the feelings around the people that they love? Now add another layer - COVID, restrictions and recommendations, and different comfort levels and opinions 😬 Open conversation and communication might be key factors in navigating tough interactions [...]

Who’s to Blame?

August 17, 2021|

The blame game. It's a no-win situation dance that can create deep damage in relationships. But how does a person take responsibility for their own actions, and not throw shade and blame in another's direction? To create change in behaviors that are seeded deeply within a [...]

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