About Jessica

I have been self-employed since my mid-20’s. My successes as owner of Empower Professional Organizing as a professional organizer and productivity specialist allowed me to work with nonprofits and businesses in the Silicon Valley. Together, clients and I problem-solved, discussed strategies for personal and professional growth, and we set-up systems to make lives more efficient. Additionally during that decade, I was honored to work on and direct an annual sport competition for our Veterans and members of the armed forces who had a disability rating. That event, Valor Games Far West, was closed indefinitely when so many other things were shuttered due to the pandemic. It was then that I turned my focus to working directly with others, their hearts, and their individual drives to succeed.

My experience working with individuals and the “Why” that surrounds their environments paved a clear path for me. I enrolled in a 6-month Certified Professional Coach Training Program through Sacacy Coaching. Through the program, I participated in different forms of coaching, including group, peer, and mentor. I completed countless hours of reflective and observation exercises, embraced various personality tests, and studied text about the different modalities that coaches can offer. Shortly after my program was complete, I successfully tested through the International Coach Federation (ICF), where I hold my ACC level coaching certification.

I have been a coach, in other aspects of life, since my teens. My first paying job was as a goalkeeper and skills coach for a youth soccer team – I was a youth myself! Soccer remained a large part of my life as I was recruited for and played at a DI university. After I retired from playing, I devoted my evenings to personal training goalkeepers who were college bound.

I love working with children and youth, and their parents. I have found a lot of value in listening to developing hearts and minds. It’s in listening that a person can gain deeper knowledge and understanding, and it’s a skill that can be learned by all! I believe that adults can have stronger connections with their children and students by letting them fully speak, and refrain from jumping in. Raising emotionally aware and intelligent humans is a goal that society can adopt more openly. I proudly taught YMCA Project Cornerstone lessons in California, and the tradition has continued in Colorado. These lessons promote SEL, acceptance, tolerance, and anti-bullying.

The grit, determination, and teamwork that I learned during my years of athletics and event management sets me apart from others in my industry. Working with others to reach a common goal is a valuable skill, working with varying personalities is inevitable, and communicating efficiently and effectively is necessary.

I hold memberships with the International Coach Federation (ICF), National Association of Productivity and Professional Organizers (NAPO), am an active member of the Women’s Networking Alliance. I hold a BS in Kinesiology from San Jose State University. I live in Colorado with my family, dog, and two cats. My husband is a teacher, and we strive for some sort of balance as working adults in a very active household. I am an Enneagram 1, am passionate about giving to others, educating all generations about inclusion and ‘bucket-filling’, love soccer, music, and the outdoors. I have experience working with diverse populations, 12 step programs, and individuals with diagnosis (anxiety, depression, bi-polar, etc.). I boast professional relationships with members of each branch of the Armed Forces, Department of Defense, Apple, Kaiser, Google, and Intel.

International Coaching Federation
NAPO member 10 years
National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals