I hold philosophy that each day I am gifted a new 24 hours, and I can use that to the best of my ability.

Rather than resolutions, I choose ONE WORD that I’d like to hold close each day, and live by for the year. This is a concept made a bit more famous by author Jon Gordon.

I take that word, and I create some intentions that help me live by that word.

For example, let’s say you choose Peace as your word for 2024.

Striving to have peace daily could mean you intend to:

  • Have more quiet time
  • Enjoy the outdoors in nature 1/x month
  • Find a local coffee shop that settles you
  • Build on relationships that build you up
  • Strengthen ability to regulate emotionally

Your chosen actions support your word in some way.

So, I’ll encourage you to pick a word for 2024 and set some intentions on HOW and WHAT that word looks like in your daily life.

Because – you have this 24 hours to live. And if we’re lucky, we get a fresh 24 hours tomorrow. Strive to live today with intention, and see where it takes you.