Do you remember the playground saying:

I’m rubber, you’re glue;

Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you!

I recently ran across a Brené Brown quote that takes this playground saying and classes it up a bit, making it easier to understand as an adult. It also puts a much healthier approach to it, since it doesn’t toss back the insult and hurt.

Take a minute and really read through the quote thoroughly.

Feel it.

Understand it.

Reflect back to a time where this type of a situation impacted you.

Why is it that we absorb the hurtful comments of others and shove them in to our hearts and minds? We feel them, causing our heads to spin and hearts to ache.

Why do those comments act as a raincloud over our heads, and we let them (the person and comment) take up space in our lives?

Allowing a person this amount of control over us is just that: Control.

So, if you’re ready to take your control back, you can start by:

  • Not biting (meaning don’t throw a mean comment back)
  • Acknowledge what the person said (doesn’t mean you agree with it)
  • Check to see if there might be any truth to the comment
  • Reflect a bit on the impact it caused you (mental/emotional)
  • Disregard and discard the untruths
  • Strive towards forward and sideways movements

Take back your power, and value your worth. A rubber suit of armor will look dashing on you!

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