Spring has Sprung

Well, it’s trying to.

Colorado is known for its Rocky Mountains, 300+ days of sunshine a year, and all-over-the-place-changing weather. Currently, I have a snow covered yard and brightly colored spring bulbs popping up.

And, these bulbs weather the storms. They use the winter snow to build strong roots, and then soak up the spring sunshine to show off their fragrant blooms.

Some would say the bulbs are resilient.

Some call them lucky.

Some call it taking the good with the bad.

You know what I call it? The bulbs are living LIFE.

The flexibility and ability to deal with life – through the dark, cold, and snow moments and in the clear, warm, and sunny moments – is simply living life.

It’s not a fact of how resilient, lucky, strong, smart, and tenacious you are. And yes, while those traits/skills/defense mechanisms might have an impact on a person’s ability to weather the storms, it’s more of how present and mentally fit you are. Can you shift and flex with what life is bringing your way?

There’s a saying, and please insert your choice for Higher Power (i.e. Mother Nature, God, Buddha, Universe, Allah):

[Higher Power] doesn’t give you more than you can handle.
(I’ll add to that and say)
Yet LIFE sure does!

The inevitable is that life will have its times of snow storms and sunshine. How you look at those times, and what you choose to do with it, makes all the difference.

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