Are you ever a bull in a China shop?

I have the privilege of volunteering in a few classrooms, and teach through a program called YMCA’s Project Cornerstone. Recently in classes, I read the book Clovis Keeps His Cool by Katelyn Aronson. Here’s a link to the video read-aloud if you’re interested.

In this book, Clovis the bull takes over his grandmother’s China shop. Clovis has anger management techniques that he’s learned along the way, and as much as he practices those he looses his cool. Big time.

And you know what? Clovis made a mess of things. He was a bull in a China shop. And then, he cleaned up his mess. And he repaired with the people he made a mess with. And, those individuals helped him clean up the mess – because they also had a part in the mess making. And, they learned, forgave, and moved forward together.

The lessons and strategies that can be shared in a 15-page picture book are almost more memorable that a 250-page book designed for adults.

Now, here are the questions to ponder:

  • When could your emotions have gotten the better of you, and you’ve used a technique to deescalate?
  • When have your emotions got the better of you, and you’ve made a mess of things?
  • What do you learn from those messes?
  • What’s your preferred way to repair? Does that work for others?

What I love about Clovis is he practices grace – grace for himself and others.

Let me know what you think about Clovis, and which strategies he uses to deescalate work best for you!

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