Join me for a 6-week
Mental Fitness program
through Positive Intelligence®

Next offering scheduled to begin in September.

During this program, you’ll learn:

  • What Mental Fitness is

  • How to strengthen your Mental Fitness skills

  • To recognize and quiet derailing moments – including: Self-doubt, anxiety, and limiting beliefs

  • Practical, pragmatic, and instant tools

  • From your Mental Fitness & PQ Coach® Jessica Elix, and from Positive Intelligence® developer Shirzad Chamine

What do you get?

You receive $1,945 in benefits!

Positive Intelligence® is a science-backed program that focuses on the development of the brain by strengthening its often-underused muscles. It’s an operating system for your brain and is built on the basis that each person’s brain has three main parts (muscles) to Mental Fitness.

  • 1

    Self-Command Muscle
    Daily practice of bringing attention to this muscle puts you in more control to run your brain, rather than your Saboteurs running the outcomes

  • 2

    Saboteur-Interceptor Muscle
    When the derail is happening by your Saboteurs, strengthening this muscle allows you to notice and shift more quickly

  • 3

    Sage Muscle
    This is the muscle that helps you handle situations with grace and dignity and convert situations into gifts and opportunities. This creates decision making powers that are in alignment with who you are at your core.

Growing these muscles helps with:

  • Relationships
  • Self-Worth
  • Connection
  • Greater Presence
  • Seeing Truths
  • Compassion
  • Understanding
  • Problem Solving
  • Purpose
Science of Positivity

What are the Saboteurs?

The Judge is the main Saboteur, and most individuals have two main Accomplice Saboteurs that work in collaboration with the Judge. Those are: Avoider, Controller, Hyper-Achiever, Hyper-Rational, Hyper-Vigilant, Pleaser, Restless, Stickler, Victim

During the program, learning and development will have great focus on:

  •       What your Saboteurs are and how to recognize Saboteurs in the moment
  •       How your Saboteurs are impacting your life, relationships, career, and decisions
  •       And how to strengthen and bring more awareness to your: Self-Command Muscle, Interceptor Muscle, and Sage Muscle

Ok… I’m interested… but what am I really committing to???

To get the most out of the program, plan to commit to:

  • Daily use of the PQ app for guided development (~10-15 minutes/day)
  • Weekly meetings (1 hour coaching with Jessica, 30-minute POD meeting)
  • Watch weekly recorded video (~1 hour)

The fear, anxiety, and overwhelm in you is likely saying something like, “This sounds like a lot of work, and I can’t do this right now.” Yes, it seems like a lot of work.

New things can be scary, and hard, and seem like they’re not worth it. But you’re worth it. And, I can tell you that this program is worth it.

Tell that fear in you: “There’s a start and end to the program. I can give it a go knowing that there’s an end that I get to work toward. My brain deserves to be mentally fit.”

Value of the program and benefits: $1,945

Important Meeting Dates:

Next program scheduled to begin in September.

Common Questions:

Q: Do you offer a payment plan?
A: Yes, individual payment plans can be set up. All payments must be received by the conclusion of the program.

Q: What if I don’t like the program. Can I get a refund?
A: No. As the program is limited to 5 individuals and has specific meeting dates, you are buying in to the entire program for its duration, regardless of if you decide to follow through with it.

Q: I’m on the fence. Can I talk to you ahead of time?
A: Yes. Please schedule a 15-minute phone consultation if you are unsure.

Q: Can I work through the program with another person in my household?
A: No. The program and app is personalized based on the person enrolled. Each person in the program will need their own registration.

Q: Wait, you say it’s 6-weeks and I see it’s actually  7-weeks.
A: Yes, the course content is 6-weeks. We will hold a celebratory meeting the 7th week.

Q: Can you hold a spot for me?
A: Why wait? Grab your spot before it’s too late!

Q: What type of person is right for this program?
A: Anyone. Any person can learn and boost their Mental Fitness, and quiet those derailing thoughts and emotions. This program is open to all. All are welcome, providing they are at least 18 years old.

Come join me and get Mentally Fit!
Jessica Elix, ICF ACC
PQ Coach, Mental Fitness Coach, Positive Intelligence® Coach