Emotional flooding is a phrase used by John and Julie Gottman of the Gottman Institute. The concept is that emotions have a very strong impact on a persons’ senses, and sometimes, the emotions are so strong that it creates a visceral response and explode inside or out (think flood gates bursting opening after a damn has reached capacity). When a person is flooded, the emotion that they are experiencing is big, sometimes messy, and can appear ‘over-the-top’ to others. This can happen with all emotions and feelings, and is normally when a person has perceived a threat.

The logic part of the person’s brain is compromised. The heart-emotion is taking over, and brain-logic cannot break through to offer a different perspective.

Having a positive connection between the heart and head can lessen emotional flooding.

If this concept interests you and emotional flooding comes up in your life, schedule a time to chat. Coaches can offer strategies for these things, and can also work with outside help (i.e. therapists) for a well-rounded approach.