Jessica ElixAdjusting the way we come across can encourage more positive interactions with others. This has a positive effect on your brain. One of my favorite concepts to teach kids (and *ahem* adults) is about ‘bucket filling.’ Just search Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud – there are plenty of read-alouds on YouTube, and I highly recommend adding it to your personal and professional library.

Here’s the concept: Each living thing is carrying an invisible bucket. The goal is to have a full bucket. A person’s interactions can either positively fill or negatively spill/dip into the bucket. You fill yours by filling someone else’s. You can also fill your own because it’s your bucket. If you’re having a crappy day and someone smiles at you, your bucket gets a bit more full. On the contrary, you can spill someone else’s bucket by saying or doing something unkind. This act empties both yours and their buckets. The concept is so simple and so profound.

How can you encourage someone in your life today? How can you fill your bucket and fill another person’s?

What steps can you take to protect your bucket from getting empty?

Surround yourself with bucket fillers, and don’t be a dipper. Encouragement and positivity go a long way!

Continue taking care,

Jessica Elix, ACC

An Update from Colorado!

And on the personal side, life in Colorado really suits our family. We arrived on July 1 and were quickly welcomed and settled into our community. Highlights of our first weeks:

  • Fireworks + drenching thunder and lightning storm on the 4th of July during an outdoor concert
  • Watched “The Greatest Showman” on the big screen at the gorgeous Red Rocks Amphitheater
  • Got 4 game balls at a recent Giants vs. Rockies game (the kids were stoked… as was I!!)
  • School started for my oldest kids and teacher husband, and it was an easy transition for all

My bucket is overflowing ❤️ Especially when feeding giraffes!

How Does Thinking Positive Thoughts Affect Neuroplasticity?

By thinking positive thoughts, students came to realize they have the ability to enhance their higher-order thinking skills as well as analyze and control their cognitive processes, especially when actively engaged in learning.

Try Something New:
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