I have some big personal news 😊

We’re moving in June, and starting a new adventure in Colorado! The Rocky Mountains are calling – but SF Giants fans we will remain.

I completely understand that this news may bring on an onslaught of emotions. I can relate because I have had so many myself!

My husband is a San Jose native, and I am a 5th generation Californian… making our kids 6th generation Californians. My family came over on the Oregon Trail, and well, the rest is history. Although my husband and I traveled the world in our youth, California has always been home. And we really do love so much about what the area has to offer. All of that said, we are ready and accepting of this change for our whole well-being.

It has been a whirlwind, as we only revisited the subject of a potential move recently. What I love about my network of strong businesswomen is we get things done quickly and with precision.

I’m sure you have a lot of questions and feelings about this news. Let me try to answer some of your questions:

When are you leaving?
We are moving at the end of June to ease the school transition for my husband (a teacher) and our children.

Why are you leaving?
We are ready for our children to have a bit more freedom, enjoy what the outdoors has to offer, and connect with extended family. Selling our beautiful home and moving allows us more potential and opportunities in our short and long-term plans.

Why Colorado?
My husband has accepted a job there. We have a number of family members and friends who live in Colorado, and we are excited about reconnecting with those individuals. We’ll have more access to outdoor activities and space to roam. And so much more!

When will you stop working in San Jose?
My final date is coming up fast – June 8. My focus in my final month is to come to a natural hand-off point, and introduce my current clients to my wonderful network of organizing colleagues.

Can I see you before you leave?
Let’s try to make that happen! Please reach out to me directly to check on my availability.

Will you work in Colorado?
Yes, at some point I will start things up again. My focus for the first bit will be to help transition my family into our new community, new schools, and new adventures! I love my career, my clients, and the impact that is made.

How can I still work with you?
When things are settled, I plan to offer virtual coaching and virtual de-clutter coaching appointments. Rest assured, you’ll be made aware of when appointments are available.

But I need you! Will you check your email and voicemail to help me?
I won’t be monitoring my email, phone messages, or texts for at least 4 months (probably more like 6!). I will do my best to make sure that prior to my leaving, you have all of the connections you need for continued success. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to get settled during that time.

For the last 11 years, I am so fortunate to have built my business in the Bay Area. I am grateful for the growth that I’ve been witness to, the changes that I experienced, and the relationships formed. As a family, we feel incredibly lucky on so many levels. As your organizer, colleague, and friend, it’s hard to say goodbye. Thank you for being part of this transformation!

With devotion,
Jessica Elix, and the Elix Family