Summer is quickly approaching, and that means change: Change in weather, change of schedules, change for family work and school, and my personal favorite – change in delicious fruit options at the markets!! Oh, the melon, nectarines, and berries!

Change is inevitable. It’s seasonal.

My personal mantra right now is: There’s no growth without change.

So: What’s one thing you can change/adjust/edit to positively impact your life? What about the lives of others?

Let’s chat soon,

Jessica Elix, ACC

How to Thank Veterans for Their Service

May is Military Appreciation Month. While saying “thank you” to someone in uniform is a kind gesture, there’s always room to make a real, positive impact.

Try Something New:
In-the-Moment Meditation Techniques

World Meditation Day is celebrated on May 21 every year. If you have never meditated, you may be picturing something like this picture. But there are many ways we can meditate! Here are five techniques for living in the present moment, stress-free.


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