Jessica Elix

I’m a recovering future-tripper. What I mean by that is this:

Throughout my life, I have played out different social outcomes in my mind. I think about different situations, conversations, and how I’ll react, what I’ll say, and what my smart retort will be. And you know what? It’s exhausting to live my life in my head. It’s a swirly, dizzying space. My anxiety because of it has been debilitating at times. My brain gets in the way of my ability to be socially, emotionally, and physically present in many situations.

So, that’s why I’m calling myself a recovering future-tripper. The thing about recovering is I’m not fixed, and I still at times recognize that I’m heading down that path. And it’s ok for me to trip up. What I am able to do now, though, is stop myself quicker from that path and recognize that I’m there in my dizzying space – and then I can right my course using the tools that work for me.

As you enter into these next few weeks that may (or may not) bring on some dizzying moments, conversations, and trip-ups – what can you do to prepare yourself for THOSE moments as they occur. Put your focus into righting yourself from them, and not tripping on them.

We’re better together, and I’m here cheering you on in your own personal path to recovery.

There’s a joy found in letting go. From my family to yours, here’s to letting go!

Best Regards,
Jessica Elix
Ignite Possibilities
Certified Professional & Personal Life Coach
(650) 279-5033

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