Jessica Elix

Do you ever wonder what others view as your strengths, and areas for improvement? How do you come across in social situations? In high stress? How motivating are your actions? I wonder about these often in my personal and professional relationships, and so I’ve done the uncomfortable… I’ve started asking! Being open to receiving feedback is a valuable step for growth. In a professional setting, this process is called a 360 Review.

Your question to reflect on these next few days:

What do you have to gain by learning what others think and feel about you? What do you do with that information?

Jessica Elix
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Being A Great Leader Means Giving And Receiving Feedback

Feedback is wisdom. If your mindset is that you are sharing wisdom, your tone and message will likely be better received and lead to the results that you want.

What Is a 360 Review?

A 360 review is a way for employees to receive feedback about their performance from coworkers, direct reports, and managers. Learn about how they work and why you want to use them!

Professional & Executive Coaching

Through the coaching engagement and building on the professional’s foundation:

  • Identity solution-orientated steps for reaching goals and objectives
  • Develop strategies for increased soft skills and Emotional Intelligence
  • Gain understanding of communication styles
  • Recognize limiting mindsets and enhance growth opportunities
  • Unlock potential in leaders