Knowing is half the battle.
But what about the other half?

You hear it’s going to rain, so you throw an umbrella in the car.
It’s going to be hot, so you fill up an extra water bottle.
You know a birthday is coming up, so you purchase a card to pop in the mail.

Thanks to G.I. Joe, many of us have heard the age old saying, “Knowing is half the battle!”.

And half = 1/2 = 50% which still leaves a pretty big void.

So, what you choose to do with the knowledge for the other half is pretty important.

You know that you’re heading into a tough conversation (50%) – how do you prepare (50%).

You know that you’re facing a deadline at work (50%) – how do you manage your time (50%)?

You know that you are starting to struggle mentally (50%) – what do you incorporate to get back on track (50%)?

KNOWING what you might battle + WHAT to do with it = Plan for success

Curious what things get in your way of seeing that second half? Here’s an assessment link to identify your Positive Intelligence Saboteurs.

After you take the assessment, ask yourself: ARE these the typical characteristics that get in my way of the other half + AM I ready to take the battle ground over?

That’s what the upcoming Mental Fitness Program teaches you.

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