Jessica ElixWhen was the last time that you tried something new, simply for the experience? Oftentimes, our feelings around new things bombard our body and create a mess of emotions, and can create a conflict within us. Feelings can get in the way of our ability to logically think through things. And, logic can get in the way of acting out of heart and gut instinct. So what can you do? Take a breath. Take a chance. Try something new.

I’ve been asking people to imagine switching the word ‘fail’ with ‘learn’.

“Did you see that! What an epic failure! Bet I won’t do that again.” —> “Did you see that! What an epic learning experience! I’ll do it differently next time.”

What can you try, and learn from, today?

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Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

I am excited and humbled to announce that I am now an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through International Coaching Federation.

When I started my coaching program lead by Dr. Nadine Watson, DSL, MBA, PCC, and Sagacy Coaching 18 months ago, I had no idea the depth of information, and internal work, that would transpire.

  • Hard work in hard times
  • Challenging conversations in challenging times
  • And, through that – friendship and relationship formed in the most unlikely of places

People have been asking me, “Ok, so what now?”

Well, here’s what I hope: I will continue finding the balance between operating my businesses, growing personally and professionally, and striving to offer meaningful and thought-provoking conversations with others.

Thanks to those who have helped this unfold! It has certainly been a wild ride!

Try Something New:
No Matter What!

How do you keep life exciting? Try to not only seize every opportunity but make opportunities for yourself to try new things.