Jessica ElixRecently, I spoke at a conference with the theme “Perseverance”. I wanted to share with you that information. I spoke on the concept of these walls that are built in our life, where those come from, and what you might do with them.

Let me know what your takeaways are, and any areas that you may have a difference in opinions. I’m open for conversation, I’m open to learning. I’m open to hearing from you.

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Go Around the Wall and Forge a New Path

Perseverance, grit and resiliency seem to come with owning and operating a small business. In business, and in life, roadblocks and walls pop up in our path. Oftentimes, it’s a repeat roadblock – it’s the same wall – that has been reconstructed again and again that gets in the way. So, instead of plowing through it and coming out the other side injured, broken down, and defeated, what would it look like to forage a new path around that wall?

Exercise: The Story of Two Wolves

Which wolf are you feeding? Read the short Cherokee tale then answer these questions.

  1. Which wolf are you regularly feeding?
  2. How do you respond when your different wolves emerge?
    1. Thoughts?
    2. Feelings?
    3. Actions?
  3. How can you incorporate the tale’s teaching into your daily life?
  4. How can this relate to the bricks in your walls? (Think back to Jessica’s presentation and reference the handout pages to jog your memory).