“You don’t have to speak loud in order to be heard”
– Jessica Elix

With Ignite Possibilities, a space is provided for people to establish tools to move forward with purpose.

What is Coaching?

Think back to a conversation with a trusted colleague or friend. Maybe you were sitting down to coffee, an adult beverage, lunch, or meeting for whatever reason. You began to have a really engaging conversation about all things – life, career, relationship. It was a great conversation, and you left that conversation feeling lighter, and maybe with some energy about what you wanted to do next. Left with some knowledge that you didn’t have before, and a desire to rework something to change, improve, alter the rest of the day. That process is similar to what coaching is (and it’s taken up a notch).

Coaching is a form of conversation, where a coach asks timely, open-ended questions of their clients. This process allows a client to navigate and walk-through the daily events in their career and life, focusing on the present moment and creating forward movement. Coaching allows a person to identify what they’re desiring, and design their own path for success. Coaching is not a form of psychotherapy. A coach does not provide personal advice or offer solutions. As with most things – the more a client puts in, the more will be revealed.

How is coaching different from counseling?

Coaching is not counseling or psychotherapy. Many coaches are not trained mental health professionals. Coaches and their clients focus on the current events in career and life. The process does briefly acknowledge and touch on a client’s past experiences. This is done to notice repeated behaviors that might be a reason that growth is stunted. It’s a coach’s responsibility to refer a client to a mental health professional, or other outside help, whenever noticed.

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To stay current and active in my credentialing through ICF I must take CCE (Continuing Coach Education) units.
Additionally, I take extra courses to further my development in areas that I find fascinating, and useful to my clients.


Jessica’s coaching approach felt safe and disarming. Each session, she was able to meet me where I was at, whether that be emotional/situational processing or organizational methods. With ADHD, I need a lot of tools in my toolbox to manage work, home, and social life. Jessica helped me fill my toolbox, while giving myself grace and self compassion. I am simply grateful for the experience.


Jessica E’s approach to coaching is strategic and very compassionate. I set a goal that I continued to put off until working with her. The end result for my experience is one of satisfaction. I highly recommend her for her organizational expertise.

Linda H.

I’ve been in a tough place in my work life and Jessica has really helped me work through it. By looking at both emotional and organizational processes, I’m on my way to a more fulfilling life, and Jessica’s kindness and perception have been invaluable.

Sarah N.
International Coaching Federation
NAPO member 10 years
National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
– Maya Angelou