Fears. This is a tough one.

I went to bed last night afraid, and woke up this morning in fear. You see, my husband is a high-school teacher in Aurora, Colorado. And, some days I’m afraid when he goes to work. He serves a community and student population that, some would say, is rougher. He has students who work full-time to support their family, students who have gun shot wounds, and students who have babies of their own at home. More than 160 languages are spoken in his school district. Amazing students, taught by amazing teachers. And still, I am oftentimes afraid. And, I also know that ‘Fears’ are different than feeling ‘Afraid’.

When being afraid morphs into an overarching fear, it can be engulfing. Fears are the ugly things, that when untreated, can easily turn into resentments which are deeper seeded.

Being Afraid –> Fears –> Resentments

So what are solutions when your mind is spinning in fears?

  • Write It – document a fears list, and have a solutions next to them
  • Move – let your body move with exercise to relieve that anxiety, which fuels fears
  • Ponder – using a timer as a limit, let your brain wander without judgement of where it goes. Take a breath, let the thoughts go, and move on.
  • Control vs. Influence vs. Concern – What can you really control? Made popular by Stephen Covey, this particular Circle of Influence explanation is a tool for all ages.
  • Reach out – if fears are consuming your thoughts, and pop up frequently throughout the day, reach out and seek help from trained professionals. If you don’t know where to start, I have a number of resources and trusted referrals for you.

In togetherness,