This morning, I had a case of the morning crankies. I wanted some moments to myself – drink my coffee, feed the animals – prior to the ‘get up and get to school routine’. What I wanted and had planned for, didn’t happen. Kids up early, pets needing me. I went from feet touching the floor to going full speed in 0.2 seconds.

And there I was, struck with a case of the morning crankies. Bitter at the world.

The crankies can set in at any point during the day, and mine were triggered by MY schedule not working out the way that I wanted. And you know what? I played the role of the victim really well. My. My. My. Like a toddler having a tantrum.

And then after sitting in my mood and my *ahem* stuff – it hit me.

My kids didn’t do anything wrong.

The pets didn’t do anything wrong.

No one did anything to me. It was ME.

It was my responsibility to reset, and become more emotionally ideal. So, I shook my head at myself in laughter and used the skills that I’ve learned:

  • Look for the positive interactions
  • Hear the positive sounds
  • See the beauty in my surroundings
  • Taste my coffee (because THAT brings me joy!)
  • Hug my kids, love on my pets

Getting my senses involved and focusing on the positives reframes and resets my mindset. This isn’t toxic positivity. This is a learned skill.

It takes practice, and it does work.

This was MY stuff, and I don’t want to pass my crankies on to anyone else. Because that stuff is contagious. Eww.

So here I am telling on myself. We all have less than ideal starts to our days.

It doesn’t mean it has to be a less than ideal day. I can change it, by adjusting myself.