Jessica ElixLet’s practice being kinder to ourselves. Last week, society celebrated Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17! A person’s actions, inactions, moods, and thoughts have a snowball effect. I believe catching someone’s good mood is better than catching someone’s bad mood. So, how can you lift the mood of another by passing on kindness? Let’s face it, random acts of kindness do not simply occur on a single day each year.

How does doing something for someone else, and doing a little extra for yourself, impact you?

And, to wrap it all up here’s a bit about self-talk:

  • How can you turn that negative thought into something constructive?
  • If you wouldn’t say it to another person, why say it to yourself?

Many people are their own worst critics. That voice in their head that points out the flaws, their missteps, their inadequacies. Check yourself as you go through the week. Be kind to yourself, and see where that takes your mood.

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